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Super natural-gas for Transportation

Super natural-gas for Transportation

Compressed Natural Gas - or CNG - is used as a substitute for oil-based fuel for transportation. It is characterized by lower costs and pollutant emissions compared to conventional fuel. CNG is suitable for a variety of vehicles, such as buses, trucks, and cars, and may be used with several types of motors, as a single combustion fuel or together with other types of fuel.

Super natural-gas is pioneering the vehicle CNG field and expects to supply CNG to a variety of clients, both at gas stations which are connected to the natural gas distribution network and using subsidiary stations which are supplied with CNG from the compression facility using a dedicated distribution network.

Following the discovery of natural gas in Israel and the great importance the State of Israel sees in using it to produce oil substitutes and for other uses in the petrochemical and fuel supplement industry, the Ministry of Energy and Water has set up a designated commission for promoting natural gas-based oil substitutes for transportation.

In January 2013 the Government of Israel determined that by 2025, most of the transportation fuel in Israel shall be based on natural gas.

Compressed natural gas is common worldwide for propelling cars and for other transportation applications. Over 11 million cars worldwide are powered using natural gas.

The Western world has recently witnessed the acceleration of CNG applications, in particular in countries such as the United States, Australia, Germany, Italy, and others.